The hotel ABSOLUTE

To create a really personal space is a complicated problem and to make it available is a high art. We set the most ambitious tasks to the best specialists so that the doors of the Absolute comfort are always open to you.

Make a creative pause, come to us after your working day, in the course of the intense negotiations or on vacation and over a cup of coffee on the terrace with the splendid view just enjoy the sensation of a tranquil morning

In the Absolute youll find not only a chance to rest from work and look down on the business bustle, but also something more. Here youll be able to concentrate exclusively on yourself, because the format of service and the environment of the hotel accommodations are favorable for relaxation and meditative rest.

If you want to spend time in the company of your friends and relatives, your private party will become an elite memorable event. A stylish swimming pool, expensive decoration of the recreation rooms, Finnish sauna and oriental hammam conform to the hi-end class.

The key characteristic of the hotel is individuality. The apartments are designed so that they become familiar immediately. Each interior will be one more your personal small journey. Find yourself on Manhattan, peep into the Japanese dwelling, stay in the Italian palazzo or make a pastel sketch in the light Parisian garret.

A good hotel leaves a pleasant impression, another thing is important for us. The Absolute doesnt imitate emotions, it wraps up with its atmosphere. And you yourself create the unforgettable recollections, because you neednt think about anything external.

There is no necessity to watch over the renovation details or the bed sheet cleanness: services, the interior design, the decoration quality are permanently on the luxury level. The Absolute calm, quick unobtrusive personnel and high class of security are waiting for you.

The hotel is situated in the center of the city of Saratov: in the immediate vicinity of the airport, key transport nodal points and in a few steps to one of the best promenade zones of the city the Park of Victory. There is a car park at your service.

You can call us up or fill an elementary form on this site to start your personal journey in the Absolute.