Sauna, pool and hammam 137 m²
  • 2 500 Р / hour

For those, who haven’t got used to compromise during a vacation, our hotel prepared a special lounge-zone. This area is intended for fanciers of luxury and aesthetically acceptable pastime.

If you want to arrange an exclusive party for the elite, if you desire privacy and maximal comfort, if your body and soul need relaxation, this floor of our hotel is for you.

Go downstairs to the personal deck of the oceanic yacht, have a rest in the indoor swimming pool decorated with mosaic, take a real tropical shower. You can do it in complete privacy or invite up to 10 guests to your party. All of you will be very comfortable with a large LED TV set possessing many uplinks and a karaoke system, expensive furniture, complete noise insulation.

It should be especially mentioned an oriental hammam with a massage zone made of natural marble and a classical sauna decorated with several breeds of elite timber. The premises design is thought out up to minutiae: you will have a chance to choose different lighting scenario and to admire the skill of the creators of our stained-glass lamps.